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What are the benefits of Physiotherapy Treatments and how does Physical Therapy work?

For those of you new to physiotherapy, you may be unsure whether physiotherapy is the right course of treatment for you. With so many different treatment options and so many different clinics, it can be overwhelming.

It is completely normal to have any of these doubts when going to see a new healthcare professional.

For those of you googling things like physiotherapist near me”, “what kind of physical therapy is good for lower back pain?” or “physio massage near me” but have yet to pull the trigger and contact a  physiotherapy clinic in Farnham, we hope that this blog post can help put your worries to rest.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic treatment that restores movement and function to the body when affected by injury, illness or disability. It is also used as a preventative measure that can reduce future potential risk of injury and illness.

Physiotherapists are highly educated and licensed healthcare professionals that can expertly guide you through the rehabilitation process using a number of disciplines, including;

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Exercise advice
  • Posture correction
  • And many more!

Appropriate exercises strengthen muscles and improve mobility, joint mobilisation improves flexibility and reduces stiffness and pain, muscle re-education improves control and prevents further injury.


What should you expect?

Most people that seek physiotherapy care have one initial goal and that is…… pain relief!

That’s where most Physiotherapists will start when giving you your initial stage of intensive care. The aims of this stage will be to;

  • Uncover the underlying cause of the health problem.
  • Recommend a care plan to produce the fastest results possible.
  • Offer ways clients can participate in their recovery
  • Explain the value

Physiotherapists will first provide you with an initial consultation where your therapist will take a full medical history from you and complete a physical exam; including assessing your movements and palpation of relevant joints and muscles.

They will ask you a lot of questions in this session and it can last up to an hour but this phase is essential for your care plan.

There will be points in your examination where you may need to undress so your therapist can get an accurate picture of your movements and posture.

Once your assessment is complete your therapist will assess their findings and write up a personalized care plan.


How long will Rehabilitation take?

There is no one size fits all approach to Physical Therapy!

Your care plan should be designed uniquely for you and will depend on the severity of your injury or illness.

Physiotherapy can be a long journey. It can be incredibly hard at times and will require a high level of commitment in some cases.

Rehabilitation can be painful, but your Physical Therapist should be checking in with you regularly and talking you through the process so that there aren’t many surprises.

Every Physiotherapist will have had at least one client who has gone from googling“how does physical therapy work for back pain?” to “What happens when physical therapy doesn’t work for back pain?” after only their first couple of sessions.

Like every kind of healthcare plan, you may not see results immediately, but they will come if you are dedicated to your sessions in clinic as well as your exercises at home.

If you feel this course of treatment is a good fit for you then contact a nearby physiotherapy center and start your journey to better health.

 Lake Therapy is a Farnham physiotherapy & sports clinic based in the Sands business park providing premiere physiotherapy treatments in Farnham.

For some of the best physiotherapy services in Farnham, make sure to come and visit us soon.


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