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Is Your Job A Pain In The Neck?

Do you spend a lot of hours sitting at a desk? ✔️
Do you get an annoying niggle in your neck that won’t go away? ✔️
Do you get headaches or eye strains? ✔️
Do you feel tension across your shoulders? ✔️

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then continue reading to find out how to prevent and manage your neck pain at work!
Let’s look at the causes of neck pain in the office:
🔸 Neck pain can be caused by many physical, psychological and environmental factors.
🔸 In the UK alone over 31 million days are taken off work a year due to back, neck and muscle problems.
🔸 Due to the number of hours spent sitting stationary at a desk on the computer it is common for office workers to adopt a slouched position with a poke forward neck position.
🔸 As a result of this position, there is increased compression through the joints in the neck which results in overloading of muscles that are found at the back of the neck. If this position is sustained for long periods of time over time the muscle will become agitated, resulting in pain
Why do we slouch?
Slouching can be related to our workstation set up and/or the decreased muscle strength and endurance around the neck and upper back. The small deep spinal muscles within the neck play an important role in maintaining good neck posture. When sitting for long periods of time in a poke neck position, the deep neck stabilizers will deactivate and weaken.
Good workplace practice to help alleviate neck pain whilst at work:
· Practice Good Posture
· Alter Your Workstation
· Try A Standing Desk (if possible)
· Be More Active Throughout The Day
· Stretch Regularly
Good desk setup tips:
1️⃣ Adjust your chair to ensure the curvature of you back is properly supported
2️⃣ Don’t Reach For The Mouse
3️⃣ Make Sure The Monitor Is In-line With Your Eyes
4️⃣ Support Your Arms on the chair armrests
5️⃣ Reach Down To The Keyboard And Mouse to prevent any unnecessary stain
Prevention of neck pain!
Here are some simple stretches to perform at work to help alleviate and prevent neck pain:
🔸 Seated Spinal Rotation- cross your arms over your chest, grabbing your shoulder. Rotate the upper body at the waist gently turning from left to right as far as you can. You should feel the tension on both sides of the lower back as it stretches out.
🔸 Shoulder Shrugs – Gently lift your shoulder towards your ears, and then slowly let them fall. The tension shoulder begins to release as you drop your shoulders.
🔸 Neck Rotation- Keeping your head upright, gently turn your head from left to right. As you turn your head try to move it past your shoulder. You should feel the stretch on either side of the neck.
🔸 Shoulder Extension 1- standing up stretch your arms out behind you. If you can, clasp your hands together and gently lift your arms. You should feel the pressure in your shoulders ease off.
🔸 Shoulder Extension 2- Hold both of your arms above your head. Link your fingers together with the palms of your hand facing upwards. Reach up as high as possible. You should feel your shoulder stretch.
Thank you for reading our post today. If you or any of your friends/ family are experiencing any of these symptoms, then give us a call to get it checked out by one of our professionals.

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