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What are Tendinopathies

Remaining in a seated position for extended periods of time can restrict blood flow to your lower extremities, causing flexion, which is a compressive force in the spine. Stopping to stand and stretch is critical for your spine, as it releases the compression, allows for blood to flow to the nerves, and helps maintain flexibility

A tendinopathy is a generalised term for an inflammation of a tendon which results in pain, stiffness and impaired performance.
You can get tendinopathies anywhere in the body but common areas include:
🔹 Achilles’ Tendon
🔹 Patella Tendon
🔹 Hip Flexors
🔹 Rotator Cuff
🔹 Forearms
Research has found that tendinopathies are a result of overload caused by too much training with little recovery days 😰. This means tendons are unable to fully repair, therefore predisposing the tendon to micro-tears and degeneration over time.
Common symptoms of a Tendinopathy:
🔹 Stiffness in the joint in the morning
🔹 Soreness in the joint in the evening
🔹 Pain following exercise
If you start to experience pain following exercise or activity that doesn’t ease after 48 hours, you may be starting to develop a Tendinopathy and it is worth getting yourself assessed.
Whilst tendinopathies can be frustrating and painful the great news is here at Lake Therapy we can help and it’s a condition we have treated previously with our other clients.
Your treatment plan will be personalised to you and your individual requirements. With the use of hands-on manual therapy and a personalised progressive exercise programme tailored to your goals and needs, we will get you back enjoying the exercise and activities that you love to do.
Tendinopathies are common conditions for individuals and can be resolved by conservative treatments depending on where the problem originates.
If you or any of your friends/family are experiencing any of these symptoms, then give us a call to get booked in and get it checked out.

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